User manual Keto Diet

Keto Diet user manual

user guide Keto Diet

How to use medicine to move the body fats consumption? If you must take capsules that safe weight loss through ketosis has been smooth and efficient? The answers to these questions, refer to the instructions below. Also the paper of choice of instructions is attached to the box with the capsules, which can be ordered online UAE.

Before meals drink one capsule Keto Diet, off with clean water. Do not take the medicine three times a day. Course application can range from 3 weeks to 3 months after it is advisable to do a short-term one month. Smoothly go to the normal food, every day will reduce fat diet. After a short break can be repeated.

Diet during the ketogenic diet should include products, which contain unsaturated fatty acids: linseed and olive oil, olives, fatty sea fish, cheese, nuts, eggs. Are allowed to eat proteins, meat and meat products. Watch a lot of carbs, then it is best not to consume more than 30 grams of carbs per day, otherwise it may crash the metabolism and break the process of losing weight.


  • The weight is over the norm, that its growth of over 15%.
  • The characteristic fat deposits of the buttocks and abdomen, cellulitis.
  • Asthenic syndrome, every day of the weakness and depressed mood.


Capsules are designed for safe weight loss by entering in the body of the condition ketos in, and has no side effects, thanks to natural active substances. But the medication does not pay for the use of women are pregnant or breast-feeding.